Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life with Liam: on Heaven

In April 2011 I wrote this blog. In it I thanked the Lord that I had never had to explain the death of a sibling to my children. Then, 9 months later I did. And I still am.

Today I had a conversation with Liam about his big brother. His sweet little 2.5 year old mind is trying to process so much. His brother Thao is in heaven. His brother Crusoe and sister Isa are in Africa. Mommy and Daddy are bringing them home...(and according to him we are getting a baby, too. That's not our plan!) :)

Liam was looking at pictures. "That Liam, Mama. That Aya. That Thao!"

"Yes, buddy. Do you remember where Thao is?"

Liam does know. "Heaven, Mama. With Jesus. Go get him, Mama. Go get Thao?"

And then I realize. To him, Heaven is no different than Africa. It's a faraway place, but the people don't come back. To him, Thao is as real as Crusoe and Isa. And I'm thankful for that. We talk about how much Thao adored him, his baby brother. We share a lot of stories. But right now it's all just so far in his little mind. I am so proud of his understanding and his gentle questions awaiting answers.

I snuggled him a little more and said "No, buddy. We can't bring him home again, but we will go to him someday. We will go to Heaven and be with Jesus someday, buddy. We'll see him again."

Liam doesn't question. He's two. He accepts the facts but he REMEMBERS! It's so amazing.  He says, "Otay, Mama. Go there? See Thao? Go heaven with Jesus tomorrow?"

Maybe, buddy. One of these "tomorrows" we'll be there. Forever.


  1. I remember how tightly you held onto baby Liam in the hospital waiting room, and how thankful you were to have his squirmy little blonde self to hold onto. God has big things planned for Liam and Ava and Crusoe and Isa, and in some ways we can't even understand, He has used Thao's life to accomplish that. Beautiful big God, He is. Much love to you today.