Monday, December 9, 2013

to Africa....and back again

I was sitting with Ava early one Thursday morning when my phone rang.

It was our program coordinator for our adoption. My heart skipped a beat. It must be bad news.

But, it wasn't. It was the call we had been waiting on! We had our appointment. But we had to leave Sunday. 3 days.

Well, we did it. We went to Africa and back. And we not only survived, we treasured it.

We left our little ones here to go meet our little ones there. And now even more of our hearts are in Africa. We snuggled with them, kissed them, held them, fed them, cared for them.

They are OURS. And we love them. I wish I could fully explain, we know it's not all dreams come true and happily ever after. It's hard. It's hurt. It's the hope of healing. But we cannot wait for them to be here with us. It's not about saving them or wanting more children. It's about that picture of Christ accepting us for who we are, helping us heal and loving us unfailingly. They are so beautiful but they come scarred. They are so full of personality, but they come with fear. They have been left behind, called names, abandoned, starving. Their rescue has begun, but it's not through us. It's through Christ. Thank you, Lord for helping them this far.

Please pray with us that we can bring them home SOON.

We are trusting in His perfect timing, but sometimes it's so hard. So please pray for us, to have peace and comfort and faith because the story is just beginning.

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  1. Yay for trip #1!!! It only takes a second to start loving! Hope it goes smoothly and fast