Monday, October 21, 2013

Updated Puzzle Piece Fundraiser // October 21

*Update: We have sold 141 puzzle pieces! That means we only need to sell 359 more and we'll draw for prizes. :) We have updated prizes to be sure and check the list! We are traveling soon to visit our kids (and file paperwork...)! All proceeds from this fundraiser go to help with travel expenses.  Share with friends! It's only $5 to sponsor a piece!
Here's how it works:
We purchased a 500 piece puzzle.
You sponsor one piece or multiple pieces.
One for yourself.
One for your family.
One for each member of your family.
One for a Christmas gift.
One in memory of a loved one.
One for September. 
One for October. 
One for the hope of adoption in your own heart.
One for Crusoe.
One for Isa. 
Gather 10 5 people from your workplace, small group, Facebook and all give $1 to sponsor one together. 
I am asking you to give up that cherry coke, candy bar or pack of gum each week. I know this is hard. I know because it's hard for me. 
Won't you please prayerfully consider sponsoring a puzzle piece or more? 
Will you please share this with friends? We cannot sell 500 pieces alone. 
Your name or the name of your choice will go on the back of the puzzle piece. When all have been sold, the puzzle will be pieced together and framed. We will show our kids how many people helped bring them home. 
Here's good news for YOU! Once the puzzle pieces are sold and before we put it together, we will have a drawing. We will randomly draw names from the pieces and we have gifts! Gifts for you! The list of gifts is incomplete right now but here is what we have so far:
31 items (lots of them and NICE big ones!)
a handmade baby outfit
credit from my store, Olive Blooms
pieces from Olive Blooms
and and IPOD Touch! 
So, here's how you can sponsor a piece:
Contact me through email or Facebook.
Give online through Lifesong (link to the side)- but make sure to message me that you did this because I won't know!
Send a check.  
THANK YOU so much for your support. We literally cannot do this without you. Bless you.

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  1. Put me down for 5 pieces Tiffany. I will put the money in the mail today. Also, I am willing to donate a scrap booking basket. I have so many scrap booking items and a 31 tote bag that I have never used to fill full with lots of goodies. I am sure it would be valued at about $80. Would this help and if it does how soon do you want it ?